A brief talk with Kevin Siembieda about Robotech Tactics

Earlier today I got to speak with the master of gaming, Kevin Siembieda of Palladium Books. We spoke in depth about gaming, Robotech, and the joys of being a geek in this world where tabletop gaming is making a resurgence. Mostly we talked about Palladium’s new Kickstarter, Robotech Tactics. If you are unfamiliar with this Kickstarter you should go check it out. I personally feel it is one of the most important projects we have seen on Kickstarter to date.


For me as a gamer, Robotech Tactics must contain an easy system that will allow me to integrate it into my Robotech RPG. Kevin said, “Anyone familiar with the (Robotech) RPG will be able to make the transition smoothly and on the fly. The numbers for things like MDC are divided by 25.” This tells me; YES I can play my favorite mecha RPG and use these awesome figures. I can’t tell you how excited that makes me feel. Kevin went onto say, “We tried to capture the feel of the TV show and transform it into a tabletop game.” He told me the new game is a fast paced, fun game that is so easy to learn you can play it with your kids. How awesome is that? For old farts like me it is the greatest opportunity I can ask for. It will allow me to introduce my grandchildren to gaming and Robotech at the same time. They will love it and so will I.

“We tried to capture the feel of the TV show and transform it into a tabletop game.”

Over the past 30 years we have watched the gaming industry rise and fall. During the early part of this millennia, it appeared that tabletop gaming had all but died. Game companies were going out of business, sales were down across the board, and I thought that we were seeing the end, but much like the comic industry, we came back. As Kevin put it, “Things are just kicking.” When I asked Kevin about the future, he was very optimistic. He told me that Robotech Tactics would not be ready in time for GenCon but that anyone chomping at the bit would get the chance to play demos at the Palladium booth and Ninja Division. I for one will be there and I will be looking to play this game. He also said that he might have boosters or maybe some other prizes available at GenCon but it is too soon to tell. I would love to see some metal cast figures as game rewards, maybe a monster or two to take home.

I wrote a week ago about how this Kickstarter was going to bankrupt me. Now I am more than certain that it will. I want to put in for the Gloval’s report and get my figures assembled and painted. If I can scrounge the resources I may just have to put up or shut up.

For all of you young people who never saw Robotech, get out there and download it. It is a great story of human perseverance, alien invasion, and anime love. The mecha battles are some of the best you will find, even in today’s world of anime. The Robotech Role Playing Game succeeded at transforming this wonderful space opera into a playable world and now Robotech Tactics will take it one step further and turn it into the ultimate Mecha warfare system out there. If you like games like Mekton and Battletech, you will not want to miss this one.

Kevin told me, “I am a comic book guy and a role player and I have been doing this for 32 years.” I think that says everything we need to know. He is a lover of games, comics, and Robotech. A brother geek who has taken his dream and made it a reality.


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