Changing The Tempo at NTS

When we launched Not The Singularity, we had high hopes for the site. We hoped to create a fusion space where folk could read commentary on politics, gaming, foreign affairs, literature, music and so forth without being patronized,  and without having to cleave to any ideology other than being interested in the subject matter. We hoped to show, as the saying goes, that the future was here – but it just wasn’t evenly distributed, and to prod people to think about why it wasn’t and what might be done about it. We hoped to make a wee bit of advertising money and plow that back into making the site bigger, better, and giving small “thank-you’s” to the writers who worked hard at what they did.

Alas, our hopes have come up rather short. We’ve simply not attracted the readership that would make the site viable going forward as anything more than a vanity publication, for a variety of reasons. I’m apportioning the greatest responsibility to me, myself, and I. NTS was my idea after all.

My writings over the years have attracted a fair bit of interested, admitted, but I’ve also alienated a lot of folk who could have helped spread the word about NTS. I don’t play the “my party, right or wrong” game that has replaced meaningful political discussion nowadays, and I don’t at all like the “my country, right to bomb whoever” paradigm that rules most of American foreign affairs discussion. Unfortunately, there’s not much of an audience for hearing that your guy is just as bad as their guy even if he hides it better. There are even fewer gatekeepers in established blogs and social media willing to send those interested in fair criticism when it is due to a small start-up site looking to deliver that criticism.

That was a bad mistake in the plan, but we were getting encouraging traffic from our gaming and culture posts. The thing was still do-able over time. Then real life interfered and several of our most prolific writers had to concentrate on other, more pressing, matters than laboring over blog-posts. The site’s overall daily posting count dropped, then dropped further still as blogging fatigue set in for myself and others. You need enthusiasm for such ventures, and the enthusiasm waned in the face of circumstance.

Ah well, those are the breaks

However, it all means we’ll be changing the tempo a bit. The domain is secured for another six months and I’ll keep it going for at least another year after that, probably longer. We’re keeping the site going as a place where the core writers can post what they want, when they want to. There’ll be no attempt to make money from it, just maybe defray costs a little. There will probably be a site design soon to suit that new non-mission non-statement. Back to the old-style roots of blogging.

Keep checking by, there will be content and some of it will even be as good or better than you’ll find anywhere else on the net – but we’re done shoveling blog-coal on a daily basis.

Thank you all,

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