Google killed Google Reader, will it kill Feedburner too?

Google Feedburner is used by millions of websites and blogs to distribute RSS feeds. Given that Google already shut down Google Reader, which reads RSS feeds, it seems likely they will axe Feedburner, and sooner rather than later.

RSS is a standardized data format that can easily be read by computers then sent to websites, databases, and RSS readers. WordPress blogs like Not The Singularity automatically create RSS feeds for all articles. When a new article is published WordPress creates a RSS version of the article and then alerts various notification services that a new article ready to be picked up. Other websites and services monitor the notification services looking for articles on interest. This is how most news gets sent around the web.

Feedburner replaces the default WordPress feed with its own feed. It adds some functionality but hasn’t been updated in years. Happily there are replacement. FeedPress looks to be the best.

Venture Beat likes FeedPress, and for good reason

FeedPress gives me everything I like about FeedBurner, along with some features I wish FeedBurner had. Two standouts are 1) FeedPress’ simple process for transferring my FeedBurner subscribers to FeedPress, and 2) the fact that my subscribers won’t be locked to a FeedPress URL, but rather my blog’s own RSS feed URL.

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