Half a million Google Reader users go to Feedly in two days

Feedly is gaining where Google is losing. Google made a serious strategic blunder in killing Reader. Rather than abandon RSS and follow Google into their cloistered, walled garden called Google+, users by the millions are leaving Reader ahead of time and finding better readers. Feedly got 500,000 new users in just two days and is handling the load admirably. It sparkles with useful features and is demonstrably better than the aging Google Reader, which hasn’t been updated in eons. Digg will be creating a feed reader. Many others readers are definitely worth looking at also.

Even more than pissing off their base, Google’s mega-blunder may be that by axing Reader and forcing people to look for alternatives, people now see the alternatives are superior. The spell of Google (alleged) superiority in software is broken. Plus, a whole lot of people, including me, no longer trust them. Do alternatives to Gmail exist? Yes, Outlook.com is looking good to me. It does everything Gmail does and I’m quite sure Microsoft will never shut it down.


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