New Van Gogh proves Dr Who Exists

The Wall Street Journal reported:

A previously unknown work by Vincent van Gogh, tucked away in an attic after the French ambassador to Sweden a century ago called it a fake, has been found to be real after all, a landmark discovery worth millions of dollars.

The work, titled “Sunset at Montmajour,” depicts a landscape dominated by trees in various shades of green. It is believed to have been painted during the time the Dutch artist spent in Arles, in the south of France, in 1888 and 1889.


I read the story with moderate interest but decided to look at the painting. I was shocked to discover a TARDIS is painted in plain sight in the image. Dr Who fans will go nuts when they see this. I can hear the conspiracy theories now. Hell I am experiencing several degrees of geek overload at this moment. Check out the painting and decide for yourself. Look to the top left corner.

 Is it a TARDIS?

Sure looks like one to me.

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