NYC no longer to arrest Topless Women

I have never understood America’s preoccupation with sex juxtaposed with its prudery regarding sex. Americans can’t seem to decide if they want to see nudity or want it all covered up. Men can walk around without a shirt but let a woman do the same thing and people freak out. Why??? It is idiotic to think that seeing a woman’s breasts is going to scar your children or make men run amok committing rape. It is time for us to accept that if women are equal then they should be given the same rights as men and be allowed to walk in public, Topless.

Well Ladies now you get your chance. In New York, you are free. You can strip that shirt and bra and free those tatas. NYC Police will no longer arrest topless women, unless they are breaking some other law. Why? Well the answer is buried in the 1992 case People v.Ramona Santorelli and Mary Lou Schloss, where it was ruled to be discriminatory to target topless women. Breasts are no longer considered LEWD and this is a good thing. In 2005  Jill Coccaro bared her breasts and got detained. Later she was paid $95,000 when she sued the city. Now we can wait to see if other parts of the nation follow suit. It is time that women had the freedom to go topless just as men have been able to for decades. Bravo New York.

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