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New danger of Iraq civil war

Today in Iraq a series of coordinated explosions and an attack by armed gunmen on the Justice Ministry in Baghdad killed 22 and injured 55. It is a particularly horrific incident but it is not all that unusual. Despite the mainstream media always noting that “violence in Iraq has subsided from its peak in 2006 […]

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Welcome to “Not The Singularity” – We’re Finally Ready To Launch!

Welcome! We’d like to announce the formal launch of the Not The Singularity blog. We’ve been working hard on it for the past couple of weeks, finalizing the look and making sure there was enough content already there for readers, and it is now ready to be seen by the general public. Not The Singularity […]

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Clay Claiborne banned from Daily Kos for speaking truth about Syria

Further proof that faux progressive sites like Daily Kos are just Democratic Party shills and relentlessly opposed to any real criticism of the party or of Obama. Thus, they aren’t progressive or even liberal at all, by rather just party hacks who like and support the existing power arrangements with the proviso that they want […]

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