Review of the new series Sleepy Hollow

There are few classic stories that hold a special place in my heart. So it makes me uneasy when I see a new re-telling of one. The pilot of Sleepy Hollow was something I was curious about.  The 1999 movie with Johnny Depp wasn’t bad I thought. But this was a series set in modern times. What initially caught my eye was that the Sheriff was being played by actor Clancy Brown.  I have liked him since Starship Troopers. His lieutenant is actress Nicole Beharie; I wasn’t familiar with her.

The pilot starts in 1781 during a skirmish between the Colonies and the Red Coats. (I am sure the re-enactors were having fun). Ichabod is in the middle of it along with a Red Coat in a mask with some kind of mark on his hand.   And this Crane is not afraid to fight. A good start in my opinion.

Things happen. (Not gonna go into too much detail; don’t want to spoil things)  Crane wakes up in the 21st century. Neither he nor we are really sure how that happened. And that’s how it starts.

I was surprised seeing Orlando Jones in this. To be, fair I never read anything about a series until after it airs so I don’t get people’s bias or favoritism. But Orlando is playing a seemingly bad-ass police captain. And also showing up unexpectedly was John Cho.

Crane’s background is explored a bit more, and well done I thought. As is the lieutenant’s. The interaction between Crane and Abbie is great.

I don’t want to give anything away, but I like it. It has enough supernatural aspects to make it appealing. My only concern is that they are seemingly tied to the horseman. This may limit it some, even though there are supposedly many unexplained and unsolved mysteries in that area. So who knows.

Anyone looking for story or background ideas for role play games, this is also a good series to keep an eye on.

All in all I would give it a chance. Try and catch the pilot before the second episode airs.

Supernatural with an English accent and a Revolutionary twist.

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