Secret Service, Pentagon considering Google Glass-like eyewear

Though some say Google Glass looks dorky and makes you a Glasshole, the US military and the Secret Secret are actively researching such devices in hopes of using them to connect to their vast storehouses of data. Everything would need to be encrypted securely. Once that’s worked out, smart eyewear could be used to map the route of a presidential motorcade with potentially dangerous areas on it or where high numbers of IEDs have been found in warzones.

Google Glass currently bans facial recognition software. Military and law enforcement applications obviously would not and already are seeming a bit like what Robocop sees.

A software provider used by NATO Special Operations Forces, police and other first responders, recently debuted a Glass app that would allow authorities to “communicate in real-time via streaming video from the scene, as well as to receive and view key documents, including things like building schematics, medical records of victims, live feeds of security cameras in the area and more,” TechCrunch reports. Mutualink officials told the publication that the technology emphasizes agency control of media and recording, so privacy should be protected.

Google Glass is just the leading edge. Huge amounts of smart eyewear is coming.


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