Star Trek Late Night on Obsidian Portal

Star Trek is a cultural phenomenon that has been a part of most geek’s lives since the late sixties. In games, Star Trek has inspired dozens of computer and console games but with role playing only a few have managed to gain the rights to publish and of them, they have all vanished rather quickly from print. Fasa put out the first Star Trek RPG I even saw and later Last Unicorn Games gained the rights. When they sold out to Wizards of the Coast the game died in the warehouses and was thought lost forever. Later Decipher picked up the reign but it was never the same.

Nearly two years ago I started working on a Star Trek campaign for my gaming group. My friend John helped me with the data entry but the game universe was mine and I had grand ideas about how to run it. I wanted a universe that integrated Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Babylon 5, and Dr. Who. After many months of work creating the universe and putting all of the notes into a format that was easy to access for the players we began.

I gotta admit that when I first encountered Obsidian Portal I was very skeptical of the usefulness of the site. After taking more than 6 months to get all of my game data up on Obsidian Portal I discovered that not only was it a useful site but it now was an integral part of my gaming arsenal. I wish I had the tools offered by this simple, yet effective website. The first thing Obsidian Ports did for me was give me a place to set up a gaming wiki. The second thing was it gave me a community to work with. The third thing it granted was a place to run a forum for my players. The last and final thing was it allowed me to general a log where I could go back and look over details of the campaign many months later.

Now back to Star Trek, we chose to run the game using Last Unicorn’s ICON system, even though the system was out of print for more than a decade, it served us well. We did make some changes to allow things like force powers and magic work in the system and expanded the skills and martial arts. We also added some house rules for the darkside and drama cards. The players made up their characters and we exploded onto the internet with out story. Now more than a year after we started. The players have run a constant battle with the Empire, the Federation, and the Peacekeepers of Farscape. They have been heroes, villains, and sometimes both at the same time. People have been killed, men raped, and fortunes won and lost. It has been a rollercoaster of joy and frustration.  I cannot imagine how we could have made such a great campaign without tools like Obsidian Portal.

If you are a tabletop gamer and like role playing games, I highly recommend you check out Obsidian Portal. If your players are active participants in the creation of your universe, you may discover that this awesome tool is the thing you need to turn a good campaign into a great one. You can check out Star Trek Late Night to discover just how useful Obsidian Portal could be for your campaign.


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