The Art of Getting a Good Selfie

Crazy photo of a girl taking a selfieSelfies are a popular phenomenon that is widely spread. From small family vacations to big ceremonies and festivities, everyone is taking selfies. Even the word “selfie” found its way in the Oxford English Dictionary. Through selfies people often get their first impression about the person on the photograph.

There are different types of selfies that are being taken in many different positions at various locations. Today`s couples are using this phenomenon to take nude selfies as a way to add some excitement in their lives. By following some of the following advice, you are just one click away of making a good selfie.

Every person has an angle in which he or she looks best. Whether it`s sideways, from top-down or straight-up, there is a different perspective that can show off your looks in a best way. In order to figure out the best perspective you should practice in front of a mirror and take lots of different photo shots before you decide which one is the best. Check out different angles and mix things up. Whatever you do, avoid making a duck face because it simply does not look good.

The light source should always be close and in front of you while you take the selfie picture. It will brighten up your face and your body, which will make things easier for you later if you want to edit the picture. If the room is dark, then use a white light and avoid dimmed lights.

You want your photograph to look sharp, so the best thing for reduction of the photo shake is to use a photo timer. Most of the latest generation smartphones come with a camera application that can clear out the blur. You also have the possibility to use a remote control for making the photo shot.

Most of the popular smartphones are offering tools for photo editing that can be found inside the camera application. These tools are very helpful and can make your selfies look very sharp and bright. If your phone does not have a built-in feature for the camera, you still have an option to download an application and experiment with many useful features. These camera applications can fix lots of problems regarding lighting, and can also remove the dark shadows. However, go easy with these features, because you do not want your selfies to look fake.

If you want to refresh your photos, try using a different point of view or a different angle. Experiment and try different things before your selfie photograph is completely finished.

Also good thing to do is to protect your selfies with a password. Be careful with whom you share your nude photos, as you do not want your photos to end up somewhere on the internet. Nude photographs should be kept intimate between you and your partner, so have that in mind while taking that kind of selfies. The point of selfies is having fun, so do not take everything so seriously. Enjoy taking lots of photographs before you get the best one.

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