Thor Viking God of Thunder

The name Thor creates images of strength and courage. He is one of those Gods of old that has somehow invaded modern culture. As a gamer, I see Thor as a great deity to use in your campaigns but where do you go to learn about Thor and the religious rites that could be used to inspire your gaming style?

I turned to Myths and legends by Osprey books. Myth’s and Legends is a series of books such as King Author, The War of Horus and Set, and Dragonslayers. Each book is written by a different author and gives insight into a different aspect of the ancient world. The series is a great source to learn about different religions of the ancient world. “Thor, Viking God of Thunder” by Graeme Davis is a great resource for any gamer who wants to incorporate Thor or the religion of Thor into their campaign.

Graeme Davis does a wonderful job of demonstrating the Norse mythos in a manner that can be understood by the common man. The book, though small, packs quite alot of information within its pages and Mr. Davis’s personal prose is wonderful. He breaks the information up into several sections including the stories of Thor Himself, Thor the God, Thor the Legend, etc. You will learn about his magical hammer, his magical goats, and even about the people who traveled with him.

The book makes sure to look at the influences Thor has had on history and pop culture. The section that deals with the worship of Thor is perfect for a gamer to learn the historical aspects of the religion of Thor.

I should mention that this book was not written with a gamer in mind. It was written for a young audience to teach them about history and legend. Graeme Davis succeeds on all counts with his book and I highly recommend it to someone who wants to learn about Thor. If you are a hard core historian who already knows the stories, this book will not be for you, but for the average person, Thor is a great introduction to the God and the Legend. This book would be a great addition to any school library.

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