Typos and Misspelled Words plague Gamers

I have been gaming since 1978 and sometimes I feel old. I look at all of the new games every year and am amazed at the modern artwork. I am shocked at the sheer volume of new games hitting the market. I am appalled by the significant lack of quality in many of these games. Sure the print presses are doing a great job but the editing in most games is horrid. In the 36 most recent games I bought, I have found a combined total of 916 spelling errors. That is 916 errors in a combined 6,192 pages. Add in errors to game stats, mechanics, and other parts of the books and you end up with just over 1,000 total errors. This is unacceptable. 1 error per six pages is so bad that it makes me not want to spend money on the various game companies products. They are working so hard to produce volume and quality is beginning to suffer. I can accept 1 error per 25 pages as reasonable but 1 in six pages is a sign of carelessness and proof that a company is not professional.

My most recent book, “Blasphemous Cocktails”, has 4 known errors in 210 pages. These errors have been corrected for future printings. I found these four mistakes made me angry at myself for producing something with a flaw in it. Then I look to the gaming books I have purchased in the past year and realize that my four mistakes are nothing when compared to the games being put out by AEG, Wizards of the Coast, and other big name game companies.

I am starting a facebook page where people like me and you can document the spelling errors, typos, and mechanics errors of the games we buy. I am hoping you will join me in trying to turn the industry time clock back to the days of Gary Gygax, when game books had a certain degree of quality and substance.


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