What makes open world games so attractive?

Open world is a term used to describe video games where players have the opportunity to move freely in a virtual world. They have more freedom how and when to finish their objectives and there are usually main and side objectives present in the story. In the recent period, thanks to advance of technology, open world games are becoming more and more popular.

Open world video games have been trying to impose themselves as a concept, but they have been underestimated by many gamers because they view them as games that include the gameplay of many genres. In their opinion, open world games bring many things, but at a less superior level compared to games that can be classified in other genres. But, it seems that we live in a time when these games are slowly becoming dominant. Even if you are not a big fan of this type of games, you have to admit that the concept of environment doesn’t exist in this genre. A good open world game must have a balance of all of its elements, so it is virtually impossible to create an average game of this type – it either amazing and great or weak and bad.

Open world – sandbox

Open world or sandbox games are a type of games that give players a high degree of freedom in which player can go through the world choosing how they will achieve the goals that the developers set in front of them in the game. In their essence, these games are the contrast of games that have walls and corridors which clearly direct players toward a specific goal. This type of games was quite popular in the 1990s and in the beginning of the 21st century. Sandbox games, although this term is largely used as a synonym for open world video games, raise this concept to a higher level, giving players some tools which players use in order to change the way they play and the world as such.
The downsides of open world games

The main disadvantage of open world games is the fact that they cannot achieve the level of graphic found in classic games. These games require a longer period of development which contributes even more to this problem. Lastly, it is necessary to set up the story and set a consistent ambience so that everything is customized to the nonlinear transition of specific games.

The advantages of open world games

Open world games are present on all top lists today. The technicalities are brought up to a high level, the attention to detail is incredible, the entire virtual world in which these games take place is well done and has the ability to keep the players playing for hours.
Players are used to open world games that have certain elements that are at a lower level than standard games, but these games compensate this flow with their better concept, story and their own world where there is no linearity.

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